The MCF Demo

by The Mammoth Catches Fire

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All tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered @ Minneapolis Community and Technical College

This release is the precursor to the band's upcomming full length Album


released 25 February 2012

Mammoth Catches Fire

John Devitt: guitar, vocals (track 1), backing vocals (track 3)
Evan Morgan: guitar, vocals (tracks 2 & 4), backing vocals (track 3)
Alex McCormick: bass, vocals (track 3), backing vocals (track 3)
Connor Geraghty: drums

Additional Personnel

Tim Barbeau: engineer, mixing
Andre Boone: artistic producer
Lali Yanez: cover art



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Track Name: The Jams
And no one wants to jam anymore,
We erase the past and start over

That's a chemical change which will never be the same,
That's a chemical change which will never be the same,
It's not that simple,
It's not that simple

I'm a false prophet,
But you know that I speak the truth,
And my soul is rotten from drinking from the fountain of youth,

And hey man we're a band,
United 'till the end,
But no one wants to jam anymore,
We erase the past and start over
Track Name: Nothing In The World Was Ever My Fault
All you are,
Is just a voice inside my head anymore,
One that implores,
One that I choose to ignore
I fly high,
fly past the cold hearted insults,
Past the mindless pointless jargon

It's not worth it to cry over you,
To waste my life dieing inside over you,
Can't you see?
Nothing in the world was ever my fault,
Nothing in the world was ever my fault

When sodium mixed with saddness,
Rolls of my eyes and I taste salt,
I taste salt because of you

I'm discusted with myself for even thinking of you,
Wasting my minutes worryin',
Over you

So you see,
I don't care anymore,
Say what you want,
Do what you possibly can to fuck with me,
I encourage it,
I will not give you the satifaction,
Of a reaction,
I'm sorry dear,
But you will never win
Track Name: Fuck If I know
Hey you with you with your lights on bright,
Can you see through the night ok,
Hangin out in the back seats till I found out how to play,
If I could shine like to till then,
I'm sure I'd find my way,
But you done travelled the wrong road today,
Left and lead astray

So I say hey

Now I can paint a picture honey with my money saved,
But I aint exactly the typa guy that u'd concider paid,
So tell me what you want from me,
Or tell me it's too late,
Cause I know I aint nothin' new but sure as hell won't fade

So I say hey,
Fuck if I know

I tried to go to school until I heard you dropped out again,
The time is passing by when you can kick it with the best of friends,
I guess it doesn't matter when you kick it to the fancy calls,
But now i'm doing better with out the battle calls

I gotta stay right,
It's gonna be all right,
You're all in love,
And you've got no antidote,
I gotta set it right
Track Name: Recycled Human Beings
We're falling out of control,
I hope we avoid this black hole,
Oh god oh no,
I haven't called home in weeks,
And these are my last moments to speak,

We got the cannons ready to go,
Oh go oh no,
We crashed into the water,
Falling deep into the sea,
We saw the sights and became recycled human beings,

Oh whoa whoa whoa,
Oh whoa whoa whoa,
Oh whoa whoa whoa,
Oh whoa whoa whoa